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    Introducing Christopher Bauer


    A Legacy In The Making

    Over the last 10 years my goal was to leave a legacy and my plan for the longest time was to build something that would last centuries to millennia. However as I developed my skills and invested in myself to achieve that goal, it came to the realization that a monument or structure is not the way to be remembered. This came from investing over 500,000 into myself through college and university education, self education and failing lots. Legacy has a lot deeper meaning and to understand it you must look beyond the facade of what everyone else is telling you – since, those who you may follow may lead you down a path which will vilify you for your choices. Some may not even take you down a path whatsoever and just lead you astray.

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    Leaving legacy live’s program is an 8 week intensive, live training uncovering what you know and what you think you know about the world around you. There is no need to overthink, but thinking is required. From the beginning, my comprehensive mindfulness program challenges you to investigate the knowledge you’ve acquired about yourself and others. That knowledge will be the stepping stone to un-learning, relearning, and establishing the legacy you’ve longed for.

    “Knowledge is subjective. To understand more, one must know that they know nothing.”

    Christopher Bauer

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